Brittany south side

From the Gulf of Morbihan to Guérande

The Gulf of Morbihan, the inland sea


Guérande, stronghold of the Dukes of Brittany

Rochefort-en-Terre, an historic town

Brière Regional Natural Park, nature preserved

Brière Regional Natural Park, nature preserved

The second biggest marshland area in France after La Camargue, La Grande Brière has been listed as a Natural Park since 1970.

Brière Regional Natural Park extends for over 40 000 hectares behind the embankments formed by the alluvium of the Loire, not far from La Baule and the Guérande salt marshes. Nicknamed the “Black Country” because of the peat, it contains unique plant life and abundant animal life: herons, harriers, teal, spoonbill, geese and ducks.


Visitors travel through the park on board a chaland, a narrow black barge with a flat bottom, and steered with a pole, or by bike, or on foot, through the undulating reeds and water meadows. On the islands, a few cottages can still be seen, with their thatched reed roofs and stone and earth walls.


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