Brittany south side

From the Gulf of Morbihan to Guérande

The Gulf of Morbihan, the inland sea


Guérande, stronghold of the Dukes of Brittany

Rochefort-en-Terre, an historic town

Brière Regional Natural Park, nature preserved


The capital of Morbihan combines a marina with a medieval town centre and a city of art and history.

The former seat of Brittany’s parliament, Vannes has preserved the traces of its history. In the old town, encircled by the ramparts and now a pedestrian area, visitors can admire the lavoirs (washing places) around the moats, St Peter’s Cathedral and La Cohue, the Beaux-Arts museum devoted to contemporary art. The Parc du Golfe is the home, among other things, of an aquarium, the ferry port, the butterfly garden and a bowling alley.


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